The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Bugger

Apparently I’m now a Vampire.   I guess I should have expected it, having just wiped out a ‘nest’ of vampires.  Though I don’t remember one biting me.  I guess it’s easy to miss that kind of thing in the heat of battle, right?

Unfortunately, due to my own stupidity, I ignored the warning signs – mostly because I was having so much fun just exploring.  Eventually, of course, this came back to, ahem,  bite me as I became “hated and feared” which put a cramp on my usually helpful, friendly style.  It’s hard to be helpful and friendly when people are trying to kill you.

So, I found myself stuck, as trying to find a cure seemed to require talking to people who were helpfully trying to kill me.

Eventually, after much thought, I went back to an older “pre vampire” save, losing all I’d done.  This has made me grumpy; so instead of talking about the wonderful things in Skyrim, I’m going to talk about the niggles and annoyances.


The thing that is most annoying me in Skyrim right now is the way NPCs – especially your companion – can stand in a doorway or other narrow space and block you from getting past.  There are many tricks to getting them out of the way, but they’re all wasting my time, and I simply want to push them over.  If I’m coming through, then let me through!

The second most annoying thing, mostly related to my companion, is the repetition of phrases as you trade with them.  Yes, I know you’re sworn to carry my burdens. I’m very, very grateful and appreciate it; but could you not mention it every time I want to take something from you?  That would be appreciated.

The menu interface “feel” is also giving me the irritations.  It appears to need to play whatever animation it’s doing (fade down last selected entry, while highlighting the new one) before allowing the next button press.  While we’re only talking fractions of seconds here, it means that often my button press isn’t “seen” and I have to do it again.  Or else, I don’t notice, assume it’s worked, and end up not having done what I thought I’d done.  It sounds a minor niggle, but I really do hate an interface getting in my way.

There are giant spiders. Need I say more?

I have to keep killing wolves.  I find this very unfair, as I like wolves.  Wolves are the animal I most admire; and while the wolves in Skyrim are noted to be feral, I still hate killing them.  What’s even more unfair is that my House-mate really likes Elephants, and I can quite happily wander around the mammoths showing them to her.

There are times, mostly during sneak archery, that the health bar for my target doesn’t appear, and my arrows appear to have no effect whatsoever.  This is even if I’m close enough to not miss.  I suppose this could be classed as minor, but I do like my sneak-kills.

For Miscellaneous Quests it appears to be random as to whether you get quest markers or not.  I initially assumed that a Misc Quest would give no marker, but then one would occasionally show up, looking lonely. So I guess that’s a “maybe”.

Aaand that’s pretty much it so far.  I don’t seem to have found any broken quests or game breaking glitches.  So all in all, that’s a win, I think.

Now I just need to get back to where I was in terms of area explored and quests completed…

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  1. JPHNo Gravatar says:

    The way vampirism works in this game is quite complicated. Your vampire powers become both better and worse gradually; your powers become more potent while you become more vulnerable to fire and sunlight and NPCs become hateful toward you. These effects reset back to 0 whenever you drink somebody’s blood, which you can do to unaware sleeping people, but it’ll go back up.

    You can get a cure normally, or you can do what I inadvertently did and contract lycanthropy, which cures vampirism instantly (since werewolves are immune to all diseases).

    Sorry to hear that soured your experience. It sucks that the game doesn’t explain this adequately; I only know from reading the wiki.

    • LisaNo Gravatar says:

      I wouldn’t say it “soured” it, as I accept this as my fault. I noticed the early effects, and ignored them. By the time I became “hated and feared” I looked up the Wiki and finally discovered what it was about, and what could cure it. None of it “felt right” for my character, and I was left with a choice of continuing in a way I wasn’t happy with, or backing up, as I did. I was mostly grumbly at myself for not bothering about it in the early stages.

      Having said that, if it wasn’t for the Wiki I’d still be mostly lost as to how to proceed, so I think it does need to be explained/explored better in the game.

      I’m having fun again, though 🙂

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