Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Drake’s Fortune

I’d previously played a bit of Uncharted: Drake’s Deception, and while I had a bit of fun, I had other games I was more interested in at the time.

However, when they brought out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, a remastered collection of the first three Uncharted games (Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception) I thought I’d have another go at them. Continue reading

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Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal (FCP) is the latest in the Far Cry series.  This time, the new country we have to explore is the past: 10,000 BC.

We no longer have guns, our allies are ‘primitive’ cave-people, as are our hominid enemies.  We have mammoths instead of elephants, and the Saber-tooth tiger exists and is as deadly as you’d expect. Continue reading

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Far Cry Primal – Blood of Oros Quest

I’m still working on my general thoughts on Far Cry Primal (FCP), but since I had issues with this particular quest, I thought I’d share what I found.

The part that got me stuck and, from reading forums, got others stuck is near the beginning.

After you get the quest from Wogah, you go to a site surrounded by ancient arches.  You have to look through them to find some evidence of the Blood of Oros.

The first thing to do is to use a lit weapon to burn down the bushes in front of two of them.  Once that’s done, you need to look through the arches.

There are two things important here:

  1. This must be done during the day.
  2. You must be standing.

I normally move while crouching, because of stealth, but you don’t seem to get the option to ‘Examine’ an arch while crouching.

(Also, watch out for Saber-tooth tigers around here.  I kept being killed by two, until I was finally in a position to tame them.)

Once you see a glint in the distance through an arch, your quest marker changes to the new location, and now ‘all’ you have to do is grab the rocks after dealing with some enemies.

So simple, but it took me so many attempts1 before I worked it out!


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Fallout 4: Far Harbour

Far Harbour (FH) is the latest DLC for Fallout 4 (F4).  A new case comes into Nick Valentine’s Detective Agency.  An old acquaintance of Nick’s has a problem – his daughter has gone missing.  It seems she’s gone off to a place called Far Harbour where there’s a colony of Synths, which she believes she is.  So it’s your job to find her.

FH introduces a whole new island to play on2.  Once you get there it turns out Far Harbor is really only one town, with the rest of the island mostly being referred to as The Island. Here you can find the main mission, several side missions and several new beasties to admire and wipe out.  Oh, and a new potential companion. Continue reading

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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Pod Tracker

Ok, I’m probably overstating things here.  With what little I know, it’s probably “Here Are Some Tips That May Help With your Pod Tracker If You’re Lucky”, but it’s not as click-baitish. Continue reading

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Pod Tracker V 2.0

Since I wrote about the original Pod GPS Pet Tracker , I’ve had a lot of feedback from others, and they’ve come out with a Version 2.0.  It’s probably time to discuss both.

Continue reading

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Just Cause 3: Again

After playing Fallout 4 to death, I returned to Just Cause 3 (JC3).  Whether because I’d had enough time between Just Cause 2 (JC2) and JC3, or because of the various updates, control felt much better and the whole thing felt smoother. Continue reading

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The Room Three

The moment I saw that The Room Three (TR3) was available on Android, I bought it.  I enjoyed The Room (TR) and The Room Two (TR2) so much that I had no hesitation.

Once again we dip into the world of The Null, and it seems like we’ll get to the heart of the story  which both excited me, and worried me.  Excited because I’d really love to know what’s going on.  Worried because I’m not sure any explanation can really live up to what’s been going on so far.

Continue reading

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Puzzles Games And The Doorway Effect

While trying to work out why I didn’t enjoy The Room 3 (TR3) as much as I enjoyed The Room (TR) or The Room 2 (TR2) I was reminded of ‘The Doorway Effect‘.  It occurred to me that this might explain some of my issues.

To briefly explain: the doorway effect is when you move from one room to another to do something, and completely forget what you were going to do. The mere act of walking through a doorway causes your brain to lose some information and ‘start afresh’.

It doesn’t even have to be a real life doorway.  This effect also occurred in tests within a video game. Continue reading

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Setting up Google ChromeCast On A Secure Network

So, we finally purchased a ChromeCast. Mainly because I’ve been too lazy to set up a WiFi link to the wired devices in our spare room.  So far, it’s a nice little device, but setting it up is not as easy as the instructions tell you – mostly because we have a secure WiFi network.

The help page from Google currently only tells you that using the ChromeCast on a secure network is preferable – without telling you how to do it. It took me a bit of poking around and swearing, so I thought I’d post here to let others know how to do it. Continue reading

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