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Just Cause 2 – The Story, The World

I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 (JC2) to death lately.  I keep trying to write about it by starting with something like “I’m going to ignore the story and world, as that’s a mere frame of tissue for the rest … Continue reading

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AI And The Death of Humankind

Artificial Intelligences (AI) in fiction more often than not ‘go rogue’ and try to kill their creators, or just humans in general.  Whether it be because they decide we’re too dangerous to live, are fed up with us, or the … Continue reading

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Life Without Internet

Well, that was interesting to say the most. I moved house, and due to Australia’s original Telco playing silly buggers, I couldn’t get a phone line – there was apparently no copper to my (established since at least 1970) house. … Continue reading

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