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Skyrim: Dawnguard

So the first DownLoadable Content (DLC), Dawnguard (DG) is available for Skryim, and comes in at a huge 1600 points.  The first question you might want answered is: is it worth that 1600 points? Hell yes.

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Android Soft Keyboards

I mentioned earlier that the Swype keyboard had been replaced with a Samsung keyboard on the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.  While it still had the concept of sliding your finger from one letter to another to make words, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3 – Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Having played through Mass Effect (ME) and then Mass Effect 2 (ME2), I thought I might have yet another play-through of Mass Effect 3 (ME3).  I’ve had two play throughs of ME3, but I did it with whatever random history the … Continue reading

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