(Rarely Asked Questions – The Poor Cousin of the FAQ)

Q: Hot-Pink?  But there’s not much pink around at all!
A: I thought that it was better to allow people to read my posts rather than make their eyes bleed.  Believe me, this was a tough decision.  I really like pink.

Q: Why do you talk about some things that are so old?
A: Because I like them.  If I have something to say about a topic, no matter how “out of date” it is (whatever that means), then I’ll write about it.  I’m selfish like that.

Q: Why don’t you update more often?
A: Apparently I’m not good at this “blogging” thing. My work is incredibly busy and stressful, and after getting home, all I want to do is hide from the world. On the other hand, I’m too stubborn to give up this blog.

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