While this blog tends to have a technological focus, it’s a very wide focus. If you see what I mean.  To try to make it easier to find common topics, I’ve selected a few categories into which I’ve split the blog.  Below I’m offering some explanation of each.


Sometimes I’ll want to discuss the blog itself. Whether that’s issues, the software that it runs on, or lame excuses.  They all go here.


I’m not much of a book reviewer, but occasionally I’ll come across a book (possibly even tech related!) that I’ll want to talk about.


I’m a geek. I love gadgets.  To me a gadget is anything from a computer to a high-bounce ball.  Mostly I’ll talk about electronic gadgets, but I’ll occasionally digress.


This is a general place to discuss anything about the Internet that isn’t already covered by other topics.


I don’t watch many Movies, so often I’ll be talking about the tech or concepts behind Movies.  However I may throw in the occasional “review” just to throw you off the scent.

PC Topics

Here I’ll talk about issues to do with my Desktop PC – though Video Games get their own category.  Usually it will be some complaining about Windows, or interactions between various utilities that annoy me.


I’m a programmer by trade, and unfortunately this means that over time my home projects have slid into oblivion as I’ve found coding in my spare time to be less and less fun.  Still, occasionally I have things to talk about with regard to programming, and this is the category that has to deal with them.


Technically I guess these things should go under “gadgets”, but I wasn’t fully sure that “LEGO” should go there, so I made a “toys” category.

User Interface Design

I’m no expert, but over the years I’ve had cause to design, and use, many User Interfaces.  Since this is what sits between the user and what they want to accomplish, it’s a quite important part of any system design – whether it be a car, or a phone.

Video Games

This is one of my leisure activities.  So under this category I’ll be discussing individual games (you can call it reviewing if you really want to stretch the term past breaking point), game mechanics and anything else I can shoehorn into this category.

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