What is this blog about?

This blog is about my experiences with technology, and my (often warped) views on same.  Sometimes I’ll talk about games, sometimes a gadget, and sometimes I’ll talk about something interesting I’ve come across.  Interesting to me, that is.  I shamelessly admit that I might sometimes drift away from technology and talk about something entirely different.

Secondly, I want to improve my writing skills.  I used to write a journal, and various stories/etc regularly, but I’ve been out of practice for a while.  Until I find my ‘voice’ again, I make no warranty as to the quality of the writings or thoughts here.

Actually, even after I find my voice, I make no warranty, representations or other legal words.

“Hot-Pink Monkey Socks”?!

The mundane explanation for the name is that I once had a pair of socks (now long gone as I wore them to death).  They were almost hot pink (close enough that the eyes weren’t going to quibble – they were too busy trying to hide), and they were covered with cute cartoon monkeys.  Of course, I called them my “hot-pink monkey socks”.

In a sensible world things would end there, but some phrases seem to resonate – to have a pleasing sound or rhythm.  The phrase “hot-pink monkey socks” resonated enough with me that for a while I used it as my store name at CafePress (defunct, as I ran out of time to create new designs).  When I was searching for a name for my blog, it again rose to the top of my consciousness.

And now I’m inflicting it on you.  No need to thank me.

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