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MS Removal Tool – Malware

There’s always an excuse for not writing a blog, isn’t there?  I’ve been busy at work. I’ve been sick and stuck in bed.  My PC has been infected with Malware.  Whine, whine, whine. This time, it’s the Malware.  I’m not … Continue reading

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L.A. Noire – The Honeymoon Period.

I’m in love again.  Before I met L.A. Noire, I wasn’t too sure.  I’d seen the videos, heard the commentary, and read the web-pages.  But we all know what hype is like, right?  Still, part of me was excited about … Continue reading

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Sexist?

Complaining about the ‘Tail’ mission in Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) got me to thinking.  There are two characters who start the mission, both guys, who are both suspicious of their partners, who are women.  That niggled my “sexism’ button … Continue reading

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Tailing

Yes, I’m back playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) as a way of weaning myself off LEGO Star Wars III.  Or something.  Actually it’s become my zone-out game lately. I’ve been working my way through the various hitchhiker missions, and … Continue reading

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Vignette – Android Camera App

Lately I’ve been using Vignette, instead of the default Android camera application.

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