WatchMaker Watches


Watchmaker (Google Play Store or Apple iTunes) is a phone app that allows you to create watch faces for Wear OS1, and iWatch.

I’ve been playing with it and slowly expanding from quickly done ‘visual watches’, to watches that require code to drive some of their functionality.  Here I’ll put those watches, and perhaps some tutorials if I can write English long enough.


Gauges A Gogo

This started simply as a watch that had all the information I regularly use:

  • Time/Date
  • Current Weather
  • Current/Minimum/Maximum Temperature
  • Watch battery level
  • Phone battery lefel
  • Steps for the day, relative to a step ‘goal’.

Since I had to hard code the step goal, this made me unhappy, so I worked out how to put that goal into a bit of code.

Changing that goal, then, required the code to be changed.  I couldn’t find any kind of ‘permanent storage’ for watches, but I decided a new screen to change the step goal would have to suffice.  So I learned how to add that.

This is the result.




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