Elite: Tales From The Frontier

Book Cover: Elite: Tales From The Frontier
ISBN: 9781522894766
Pages: 490

Written by Chris Booker, Darren Grey, Tim Gayda, Allen Farr, Lisa Wolf, Ulla Susimetsä, Marko Susimetsä, Rose Thurlbeck, Alexander Saunders, Gareth Bailey, Nicholas Hansen, Ramon Marett, Frederick Burbidge, Matthew Benson, and Christopher Jarvis under official license from the creators of, and based in the vast universe of, the seminal space trading computer game Elite: Dangerous. Cover design by Heather Murphy.

Enjoy 15 scintillating tales in this eclectic collection where characters seek honor, truth, retribution, and in one case, a place to sell 300-year-old Lavian brandy.

The stories:

  • Crossing the Line by Chris Booker
  • The Comet's Trail by Darren Grey
  • A Question of Intelligence by Lisa Wolf
  • The Easy Way Out by Ramon Marett
  • The Maledict by Tim Gayda
  • Children of Zeus by Christopher Jarvis
  • Pinacotheca by Alexander G Saunders
  • Blood is Thicker by Ulla Susimetsä
  • Beyond Civilization by Marko Susimetsä
  • Cat's Cradle by Rose Thurlbeck
  • Nature's Way by Gaz Bailey
  • A Game of Death by Allen L Farr
  • Mission (almost) Completed by Matthew Benson
  • Research Purposes by Fred Burbidge
  • Ode to Betty Cole by Nicholas Hansen and Darren Grey

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