Costume Quest: Grubbins On Ice

While Deus Ex: Human Revolutions has me hooked, a brief browse brought a DownLoadable Content (DLC) episode for Costume Quest(CQ) to my attention …

Set after the events of the original CQ one of the kids, Lucy, is looking for scientific proof that the world of Monsters does exist.  She finds it, and is candied away to that same world, Repugia.  Everett enlists the help of our original heroes, Wren and Reynold and they all manage to be tossed into the world of the monsters.

This time, however, not all monsters are the enemy.  Repugia has been taken over by someone called Araxia, and it’s the job our heroes to save Lucy, and probably save the world of the monsters.  This makes me very happy.  I love it when the bad guys turn out to be not quite as bad as they were presented.

The style of game is the same, with a lot of collecting of candy, searching for costume plans, and costume parts, and not a few giant robot style battles.  You start with all the old costumes, and a few more are added to your arsenal.  Knocking on doors to raise support for the revolution to overthrow Araxis either gives you candy from a friendly monster, or gets you into a fight from one of the oppressors.

The humour is still there in spades, and I still find myself grinning and occasionally chuckling over it.

Really, it’s all more of the same; but this is a good thing because it’s more of what made the original so much fun and so special.  If you’ve completed the original CQ, then get this next chapter and enjoy yourself!

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