DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue – Final Impressions

I’ve just finished DS:ToV (DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue),  and seen both endings.  Yes, there are two endings, and thankfully you can see them both without having to play through the game twice.  Not that I regard playing through this game twice a bad thing as that’s what I’m currently doing; which I always find is a good recommendation.

I’m definitely of the opinion that this was worth 1200 points.  Apparently the reason it came out so quickly was that the original game was split in two when it became too large.  So they developed the original DeathSpank, and DS:ToV at the same time – hence the very short lead time to the sequel.

I found the end game rather satisfying.  I’m sure for many it was telegraphed a few boss-fights ago, but I didn’t realise what was happening until the final location.  Either chalk that up to good writing, or me being incredibly obtuse.  I prefer the former.

I do have some issues though, for all I’ve enjoyed it.  Not being able to save, or do anything useful for a while after DeathSpank dies, or while he’s teleporting, just irritates me.  The juddering I’m getting at various times isn’t always just when things are apparently busy, as I’ve had this happen in small, one room caves (Plaid Pete’s cave, for example).  DeathSpank also occasionally hangs himself up on bits of scenery, which, when you’re in a hurry, is truly aggravating.

None of these issues are deal-breakers, as you may have noticed – given I’m playing it through again, but they are little niggles I wouldn’t mind seeing fixed.


And now, just as I’m wrapping this up, I found out there’s some DLC (DownLoadable Content), The Snowy Mountain Dungeon, for 240 points.  This adds a new dungeon/cave in the Snowy Mountains.  It also lifts the level cap from 20, to 21.  I’m not sure when it came out.  Some forums mention it being included if you bought the game when it “first came out”.  I bought DS:ToV early on, but still needed to buy the DLC.

I’d say you’d want to be a fairly high level to attempt the Snowy Mountain Dungeon.  At level 20 it wasn’t a huge challenge, but nor was it a complete walkover.  Especially the end of dungeon boss.

Oh, and a small hint here: if you love your achievements, then don’t finish the “Madame Primp” quest until you’ve seen all her outfits.

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