Dishonored – You What?

I’m on my third play through of Dishonored right now.  I’m still having a lot of fun despite a few minor issues. A few things that aren’t stopping my enjoyment, but are bugging me, are various story elements.  I thought I’d go through and point them out. There will also be spoilers so, you know, be warned.

Let’s begin with the Loyalists.  They’re idiots.  No, I’m not talking about the plot twist where they betray you, but rather they way they behave in the first half of the game.  Let’s go through this.

Their base is a pub in a closed off area of the city, but conveniently close to the river.  Samuel makes note that if ever the Lord Regent found out about them, the Watch would be in there with guns drawn.  So the idea of finding an out of the way (but still relatively spaceous) place to stay seems sensible. However they happily wander out the back (i.e. where the river is), including standing and staring out over the river.  This means that anyone going past in a boat is likely to see them.  Then we have Admiral Havelock shooting targets with his loud gun, and I can’t help thinking they’re going to attract some kind of notice.

We then also have the fact that Piero managed to get a whale oil reservoir installed.  Given how important that resource is to the city, and the fact that they’re even rationing it, I can’t help thinking the fact  that they need a supply is going to attract notice.  I have to assume they’re buying from the Black Market, and there’s no guarantee that someone in that supply chain (or various hangers-on) won’t see a profit in making their location known.  All in all, it’s highly risky.

It also seems Samuel is happy to take us out any time, day or night, and I can’t help wondering if this, with him carrying a constantly masked man, might not attract a different kind of attention.  I suppose, for the story’s sake, we could say that he’s circumspect and knows the timetables of the main boats on the river, but that doesn’t allow for pure chance of the wrong person seeing, or being curious about, who’s in that boat.  Especially as one of the Watch’s announcements is about unauthorised boats being reported…

On a side note: Samuel, it appears, has telepathy.  On the way back to the pub, despite having apparently waited for Corvo through an entire mission, he always seems to know what arrangements have been made for our arrival.  Not only that, but it seems that people know when we’ll arrive and are already waiting!

Let’s move forward to where we finally capture Sokolov.  We return to the Hound Pits and are met by Admiral Havelock and Martin, and given the opportunity to sleep.  However, if you decide not to take that option, and wander around a bit, then both the Admiral and Martin  simply wander off, leaving Sokalov sleeping in Samuel’s boat…

The last part of their idiocy is found at Lady Boyle’s party.  Apparently our Lord Pendleton can’t keep his trap shut and a nobleman at the party not only knows who Corvo is, but why he’s there.  Now, I don’t mind the Loyalists having to interact with others to get things done – it’s almost mandatory – but this level of information just seems too dangerous to let out!

Really, it’s amazing the Loyalists have got as far as they have, and that Corvo didn’t meet them all imprisoned in ColdRidge…

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