Driver: San Francisco – Demo

Despite my issues with the Driver series, I downloaded the Driver: San Francisco demo to see what it was like.

We return to Tanner’s world, rather than that of TK from Parallel Lines, and are immediately introduced to Tanner’s new ability, that of “shifting” into the body of another driver – which is a gimmick if ever I heard one.  Still, having played the three missions that form part of the demo, I can say that I can’t really see the point.  Perhaps playing through the story means that shifting would mean more, or have more affect, but as part of the demo, it feels like a gimmick.  I think I just said that.

My usual problem with the Driver series remains: I just don’t get on with the way the cars handle; they just always feel too “clunky” for me to enjoy.  As for other “issues”, well …

I can’t tell you much about the wanted level concept as it was only explored briefly, and seems closer to the Grand Theft Auto IV model – drive outside the cops’ view and a few seconds later  you’re no longer “wanted”.

I also didn’t get a chance (or find out how) to exit the vehicle and grab another.  I’m not sure if you can’t. Perhaps that’s what “shift” replaces.

The city seems well realised, and looks like it might be fun to explore, if you’re given a chance – again, I can’t tell from the demo.

All in all, I wasn’t really inspired and with the shift gimmick and the car handling, I don’t think I’ll bother going back for more.

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