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I’ve recently pledged to two ancillary projects for Elite: Dangerous: two books.  These projects will be giving £4,500 to the main Elite: Dangerous project as well as producing fiction set in the Elite universe. I think both of them will be interesting (otherwise I’d just pledge the extra money to Elite: Dangerous directly) so I’m going to tell you about them.

The first is SuperMassive, by Andre Czausov and he describes it this way:

Whatever became of Commander Jameson? Find out! A partially illustrated novel that pits old dog against young gun, and when these two big walking clichés collide there’ll be no place to shelter. Written in part to help support the Elite: Dangerous video game reboot, but mainly to tell a ripping story about life, the Elite universe and well, everything.

He’s also going to produce some illustrations. Check out some examples of his work 0n the pledge page!

The second project is Elite Anthology: Tales From The Frontier (working title).  This is an anthology of 15 short stories set in the Elite universe.  There are two interesting things here from my point of view.  The most obvious (and Full Disclosure) is that I’m one of the authors.  The second, however, is what attracted me to the  project in the first place: the idea of making this all collaborative.  This doesn’t mean everyone will be writing each other’s stories. However the idea is to be able to knock around ideas, give critiques, give help between all the authors.  There’s also the possibility that we’ll be able to work locations, themes and characters into each others’ stories, even if one main character is just a background character in another story.  Those ideas appeal to me, and I think they should lead to some richer fiction.

I’d obviously love to see both of these funded, so I’m hoping folks will check them out, and perhaps share them around with other friends who may be interested.


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