Elite: Dangerous

There’s a new project on Kickstarter that I’ve backed and that I want to share in case others want to back it too.  It’s called Elite: Dangerous and the kickstarter is being run by David Braben’s Frontier Developments.

You may have heard of David Braben.  He, along with Ian Bell, wrote the original Elite.  Elite was a space trading game, and one of the original “sandbox” games.  You were able to choose whether to be a law abiding trader, a pirate, smuggler, a miner and so on.  It used three dimensional wireframe graphics, had space combat, and a lot of star systems, galaxies and planets to trade between and explore.

Later, Frontier was released (this time without Ian Bell) and continued on the Elite idea. Now there were filled in polygon graphics, more planets, systems and galaxies, and even more missions.  It suffered from a few glitches, but was still as much fun as Elite, if not more so.

I’m hoping that both the Kickstarter, and Frontier Developments, succeed with this.  Do I know they can do it?  No, but I suspect they can, and I’m willing to take a gamble.


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