Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues

Old World Blues (OWB) is the third DownLoadable Content (DLC) for Fallout: New Vegas (FNV), and fits neatly into standard Three-Letter Acronym (TLA) territory.

My first thought while listening to the Prologue Voice-over, and then participating in the first conversation in this DLC was that whomever (or the whomevers) that wrote it were huge fans of Douglas Adams.  Some parts wouldn’t be out of place in the Hitch-Hikers universe!  One might also see the influence of Terry Pratchett, Red Dwarf and even Austin Powers, but for me the characters and situations I’ve encountered so far still remind me of the old Adams’ humour.

This is to say that OWB abounds with subtle, and not-subtle-at-all humour, with a black edge and more than a hint of silliness that somehow still manages to ‘work’ within the Fallout universe.

I haven’t delved that deeply yet, having explored only a little of the Big Empty (“Big MT”, or “Big Mountain”) around the starting point (The Sink and The Think Tank) and one building (X-8).  That’s been enough to drag me right into the world and story, and have me giggling.  Yet under that humour is still the tension I love as I sneak through the buildings on alert for things that want to kill me.

What’s also good about this DLC is that it adds more to the storyline partly covered in the main FNV, and also in Dead Money (DM), while leading (it appears) towards the final DLC (The Lonesome Road, which is out now, I believe).  So while it tells its own story, it also brings in strands from other stories, which helps to flesh the world out even more.

I really hope this all continues through the rest of the story, and so far I have no reason to believe it won’t.  Every interaction so far urges me on to explore other parts of the Big MT.  And really, what more could I ask for at this point?

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