MineCraft – Yes, Yes, I Know.

Everyone, their dog, and the dog’s fleas have seen or played MineCraft and had an opinion on it.  Who am I to buck trends?

My first play of MineCraft some time ago didn’t really “hook” me.  I did buy it, but that was more because I want to encourage Indies (Independent programmers) to try new things.

Fast forward to a month ago, and one of my Loves was hooked by the MineCraft bug and kept telling me about it, and showing me screen-shots.  I figured I’d have another go.  I found a tutorial on basic crafting, and on creating a shelter for the night, and …

… well, I’m still playing.

For me, the biggest “hook” in MineCraft is the number of ways you can play it.  You can play it purely as a survival game, or you can switch off the enemy mobs and simply build in your huge sandpit of a world.  That last is what I’ve been doing.  For a world made of huge blocks there really is a lot of scope for building.

The other bonus for me, was that I could play it even with the problems with my eyes.  I’m not sure why, but perhaps the “chunk-o-vision” graphics just meant I didn’t have to focus my eyes too much.  Or something.  Whatever the reason, I’m grateful as I had something that could keep me occupied.

It’ll be interesting to see where MineCraft goes next, as apparently there are going to be towns and townsfolk added soon.  Though personally I’m very happy with it right now.

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