Fallout: New Vegas – First Impressions

I have to say, I’m disappointed.  After all I’ve heard about New Vegas, I’ve not seen one bug or glitch.  Admittedly I’ve only played for a bit over an hour (damn work and other necessary evils), but it’s all been smooth sailing so far.

I got a card with the game on which was a code you could enter to download the “Classic Pack”.  This code does not work, and it seems I’m not the only one having these issues.  So perhaps I’ve found a bug after all!

That ‘bug’ aside, I’ve been having fun.  The control scheme, and display, is so similar to Fallout 3 that I was able to drop right in, and my fingers knew what to do.  I’ve explored a little, and done a few smallish quests.  About the only surprise I’ve had so far is that when I meandered outside the starting town (GoodSprings) and thought I’d visit an opencut mine I could see, I ran straight into a lot of Deathclaws – something I just didn’t expect at this low level.  I’m not counting this as a point against the game, but more a difference between Fallout 3 and New Vegas.  I’m sure I’ll come across more as I explore more.

Overall, I’m happy so far, and can see many hours of Fallout goodness ahead of me!

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