LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Demo

It’s LEGO Star Wars, so of course I’m going to download the demo, and then impatiently wait to buy the full game.

The first gameplay video I saw was this one:

I got the rather depressing idea that maybe they’d changed the gameplay to be more Strategy like, and that the original platformer idea had disappeared.

The demo, on the other hand, reveals that even if it’s not the entire game, the platformer is still part of the final game.  So I’m a little torn on what to think now.

The demo appears to be a full level from the game, where Obi-Wan and Anakin need to save Padme and C-3PO from General Grievous’ ship.  The gameplay still includes being able to swap between characters (including the droids),using the force on objects, solving puzzles with the characters at your command and more.

The C-3PO panels have changed slightly, as instead of simply activating the panels, you’re now “treated” to a Simon Says type game.  I’m not really sure why they added that, but so far it’s be a very simplistic game, and hasn’t annoyed me even once.

When using the force to solve puzzles, they’ve added a few extra effects to give hints, but other than that the general mechanisms are the same.

Unfortunately (and didn’t you know this was coming?), it seems they’ve screwed up some of the well worn mechanisms somewhat.  Dodging and reflecting blaster bolts is no longer as easy as it was.  Also, changing between characters requires that the current one be facing the others.  This slows things down, and can be quite irritating in the heat of battle.

I’ll still buy it though. I’m like that.


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