LEGO Star Wars III: The Tedium Wars

I really hate to say it, but my enjoyment of the latest LEGO Star Wars instalment, has come to an end, and only my OCD need to ‘finish’ things has kept me going.

In a nutshell, the levels are too long, and the repetition factor too high.  Add to that the fact that there are too many (non-obvious – to me) puzzles to go through to get characters you need to complete levels in Free Play, and I’m just getting frustrated.

In earlier LEGO games, including the non-Star Wars ones, the length of most levels seemed about right, with a few even eliciting the “I wish it were longer” feeling.  A bit too little appears to be a lot better than a bit too much.  Or, a lot too much in this case.  I’m often feeling, at the end of a section of a level: “There’s more?!”.  And since there is no saving mid level, I either have to keep going, or give up all the progress so far. Neither appeals.

The other downside to this, apart from getting bored by the level, is that I have little desire to play another level, as I know that’s going to take a long time too.  And let’s just ignore the Real Time Strategy (RTS) levels, right?

I could perhaps live with the length of the levels – perhaps – if it weren’t’ for the repetition.  Often, in levels, you’ll perform one task, then end up performing it again, and again in that level.  What’s worse, is that you end up performing the same damned task across levels.  I got very, very sick of defeating Grevious after a while.

At one point, I was able to go back and replay most levels in Free Play, but I didn’t have a character to open some panels, so couldn’t complete the level fully.  Eventually I found you could fly from the Republic ship to the Separatist one, and there explore more, and find more characters.  That helped a little, but once again, I just found myself not wanting to continue, or wanting to come back to the game later.

It’s a pity, as I had fun for a while – though I admit that this game didn’t grab me as easily as the first ones did.  Perhaps a part of this might even be that I’m getting tired of the LEGO games, or maybe just the Star Wars ones.  I don’t think so, though. It really just feels like they’ve stretched this out too much.

As of a few minutes ago, I’ve deleted this from my 360 Hard Drive.  It was either that, or keep being dragged back by my silly need to finish things.  So that’s it, LEGO Star Wars III is history for me.

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