With all the fun that people aren’t having with the latest SimCity  it made me think about the fun I had with the original.  I decided to check out the almost-latest – SimCity 4.  Of course, the first place I looked was online.  I found the EA site selling it and decided the Deluxe Edition was the way to go.  Until I saw the price, and what I’d need to do to download it.

Firstly, the price: $99.  They’re kidding, right?  I can look on eBay right now and find it for less than $30 – new!  A quick search of Steam also let me find it, for $19.99.  And Steam is in direct competition with Origin, which is comparatively new.

Secondly, I apparently have to use Origin, which is the EA version of Steam.  Now, given how badly EA have done over time with any kind of DRM, I’d be a bit worried about that.  Beyond that, however, I already have Steam, and I already have Desura.  Why would I want yet another game management system?  Especially one where it appears the prices are beyond ridiculous.

So, I didn’t buy from EA. I didn’t install Origin.  All around the whole thing looks like a complete failure.

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