Charging The Samsung Galaxy S

I’ve been more than a bit absent lately.  Here’s a hint for people: don’t get heat-stroke.  It seriously knocked me over for two weeks, and then some.

Anyway, I’ve come across a small curiosity with the Galaxy S and charging it.  The wall charger, of course, charges it fairly quickly, as does the USB cable that came with it.  However, a generic USB cable charges it very slowly, and then only to about 90%.  In fact, if I have it charged over 90% and plug the generic USB cable into it, it will lose charge until it’s at 90%.

Those with more electrical knowledge than I suggest that somewhere in the official cable is a resistor that changes the behaviour.  I’ve since found that there is a standard for using USB for charging, where the data lines are apparently shorted (or at least have a resistor between them). This tells the device that it’s able to pull more current from the cable.

However this stops the cable working as a data cable, whereas the official cable allows data transfer too.

I guess this means if I’m going on long trips using the GPS that I’ll have to take the official cable with me to make sure the Galaxy S stays charged.

Very strange.

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