iGo Stowaway Keyboard Works With Froyo! Or not.

I was happy to find my Stowaway Keyboard worked with Froyo on my Galaxy S.  However, I’ve since had a few comments from people trying to get various keyboards working with Froyo.  All of the symptoms so far seem to be the same as I had when I couldn’t get my keyboard to work with Android 2.1, which is a bit disappointing.

My current theory, and it’s only a theory, is that perhaps Samsung included a HID driver with Froyo for the Galaxy S, and this may not be a standard part of the Froyo build.  However, given I haven’t looked into building or playing with a ‘home compiled’ Froyo, then I really have no idea.

Anyone who would like to add information to this mystery would make me happy!


“android” has solved the mystery for me, saying:

that’s because samsung developed the hid drivers and provided them with froyo updates.
officially, froyo doesn’t support hid profiles. so, no phones except galaxy s (and galaxy tab) support hid profiles.

So I was right, though I wasn’t expecting to be.

I’m now hoping Samsung will fold the HID profile drivers back into the standard Android code, but I suspect that won’t happen.

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