DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue – Second Impressions

Any doubts I may have had regarding paying 1200 points for DS:ToV (DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue) have dissolved.  It feels like there’s a lot more content in DS:ToV than there was in DS.  I suspect I’m going to say “feels” a lot, because I’ve been so busy playing DS:ToV, that I haven’t taken the time to go back to play DS to compare.  You might need to bear that in mind.

DS:ToV feels a lot larger than the original.   To give you some idea: I’m currently at level 16, have retrieved only one Throng of Virtue, and yet still have a lot of map left to explore.  I’ve been doing most of the side quests as they come up so I might be a slightly higher level than is “expected” at this point, or perhaps this is what they expect of people.  With all of the little quests I haven’t noticed any “grinding” – or if I did have to grind, then I was having too much fun to notice.

I’ve noticed I’m also bouncing around the explored map a lot more using the Outhouse Teleport System.  I’m not sure if that’s because the map is bigger, so having to walk is more tedious, or if I’m just more comfortable with the idea.  Certainly with some side quests you need to retrace your steps a little to complete them, but none of this feels like a chore as it often does in this kind of game.

The standard of humour has, I think, gone up as I’ve progressed and that helps keep the interest level up as much as other things such as new areas, new enemies and new story.   The type of humour employed almost means story is secondary to the humour, and yet there is a story thread in there which is fun to follow.  Just don’t expect it to be serious or anything silly like that.

As new areas have opened up, new themes have too.  While my first impression was of modern day war themes, as you go on, it appears the themes slide back in time.  I’ve since met pirates, travelled through the Old West, met an analogue of  Lawrence of Arabia, and even an early American Explorer.  Or someone a bit like two of them …

For me, DS:ToV is definitely worth the 1200 points, as I’ve had many hours of fun out of it, and I still haven’t finished my first playthrough.  Really, what more can I ask of a game?

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