Dishonored – Knife Of Dunwall

I’ve been waiting for this DownLoadable Content (DLC) for Dishonored for a while. Dunwall City Trials didn’t really scratch my Thief itch very well.  I thought this one might.

You take the role of Daud, the assassin who started the whole Dishonored storyline by killing the Empress. The story begins with the assassination itself as a kind of prologue.  Later, Daud worries if he did the right thing and it turns out he probably didn’t and there will likely be … consequences.

He gets a single lead to follow and from there the game begins.  The Powers have been changed a little and the Blink tweaked somewhat which gives things a somewhat different feel this time around.  Having said that, a lot of the tricks you learned in the main missions will stand you in good stead here.

There are two new maps, and one reworked map – which is not bad for 800 points.  The reworked map is interesting as you feel you know how the place is laid out, but it’s changed enough to make it feel different and require new tactics.

The three missions are, I think, harder than the main missions.  There are more enemies and the routes seem more tightly packed.  If you’re going for stealth, or ghost, then you’re in for a tough time.  Which is to say: I love it.  This has the kind of game-play I’ve been wanting so much.  With Dunwall City Trials there was really only one mission I enjoyed.  The rest I played a bit, but gave up on.

The environments are also a good mix of open – giving you a few options, while making it harder because of the wide open spaces, and closed – meaning you have to be more careful about being stuck in a corner.  All in all, I think they’ve got a really nice balance here.

There are also some new enemies: whale butchers with sharp rotating blades, which can also fire blade fragments at you.  They’re tough, and rather nasty. There are other ‘new’ enemies, but really they’re just normal guards in different uniforms.

The story, to me, is a little stronger than Dishonored (which I was willing to accept, but wasn’t really the best video game story ever) and I was interested to see how it would turn out.  What I wasn’t expecting, but probably should have been, given the 800 point price and “only” three missions, was that the story isn’t neatly tied up.  Instead you get to a very minor climax.   I guess I’ll have to wait for the next lot of DLC.

One thing I didn’t notice with Dunwall City Trials probably because it was a set of disconnected trials – was that in order to continue playing the DLC (as opposed to the main missons) you can’t jut hit “Continue”.  You have to go to “Missions” then “Downloadable Content”, then select “Knife of Dunwall“.  Finally you can select “Continue”.  I mean, seriously?  I can kinda get having to go through a few hoops for Dunwall City Trials, but for a mission based DLC this is just … silly.

I really enjoyed Knife of Dunwall though.


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