Google, You Just Had To, Didn’t You?

I mentioned, some time back, that I had given up on Google+, and I haven’t changed my mind since.  However, as appears to be Google‘s modus operandi, they’re trying to force people into it.

Having just really enjoyed The Room, I thought I’d leave them not only a star rating, but also some feedback.  However, it appears you can only do that if you have Google+ now.  You’re asked (told!) to join Google+, and also informed that any previous feedback will be labelled as ‘A Google User’.  Lovely.

They already know who I am: you need a Google profile to log into the Play Store and download stuff to your Android device.  That, however, isn’t good enough – it doesn’t get you into their Google+ service. This is just pure, greedy ridiculousness.

In other words, what I seem to be coming to expect from the “do no evil” company lately.


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