Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts is the second DownLoadable Content (DLC) for Fallout: New Vegas (FNV).  It was the latest when I started playing it, but other things got in the way.  This one takes you out of the Mojave to what used to be the Zion National Park, now simply known as Zion.

As before, this raises your level cap by another 5 levels, taking you to 40, if you already had the Dead Money DLC. Now, I tend to play a ‘good’ character.  I like to be helpful, partly for the eXperience Points (XP), but mostly because it seems to work out for me in games.  That, and I suck playing evil, no matter how Sadistic I am in Real Life.  So not long after arriving in Zion, I found myself doing a few ‘fetch’ quests, and while the people I’d met so far were interesting,  I just wasn’t engaging with the story.

It was nice to have a more open area to explore, after the somewhat maze like and claustrophobic Sierra Madre, and that kept me entertained for a bit while I performed those quests.  Perhaps being more demanding of people might have kicked the story into gear more quickly, but I finally found myself getting into it, and enjoying the diversity of people and background.

And then just as I was doing that, the end began looming.  The last few (mostly optional) quests seemed daunting at first, but I found myself cleaning them up easily – and finishing the DLC – in one sitting.

I had a lot of fun with this, but I’m wishing there had been more character interaction with this one.  I really wanted to delve deeper into the back-stories of many of the main characters. To be fair, though, once you start finding “The Survivalist” diaries (mostly on terminals hidden away in caves), they really flesh out some of what happened in Zion.

Unlike Dead Money, I can see myself returning to Zion again sometime.

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