Burnout CRASH! ?

I’ve played the Burnout series since I had Burnout on the Nintendo Gamecube, and enjoyed the sandbox world of Burnout Paradise.  For pure, fun arcade-racing, I believe Burnout 2 hit the right notes.  It had some great courses and felt like a real race, where one bad mistake could make it very hard for you to take out first place.  It also didn’t go so over the top as later Burnouts. It also had the best “crash mode” in my opinion.

While those crash modes in the later games were good, I really didn’t get on with the “bonus icons” like the x2 and x4.  I did enjoy the inhtroduction of the ‘crashbreaker” where you could blow your car up for a final time to cause even  more mayhem and destruction.

So when I found out that the next Burnout was called Burnout CRASH! I was more than a little excited.  A whole game of crash mode – apparently without the bonus icons, but with crashbreaker.  That sounded good to me.

Then I found the Burnout CRASH! article on Burnopedia … and my excitement died.  A lot.  Have a look at the gallery in that article.  We’ve gone from first/third driver perspective, putting you in the action to … well, what looks like a flash game!

I hope this isn’t the final product, and that it’ll go back to first/third driver perspective.  If not, this may be the first Burnout I won’t buy.

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