Oh Come On, Rockstar!

I mentioned how much I’m enjoying Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), but there are two areas (which are connected) in which Rockstar have fallen down badly.

Firstly, they have produced digital manuals.  These can be read online, or downloaded to your “smartphone”.

Secondly, they have produced an app called iFruit that allows you to train the dog (Chop) and do other things such as tricking out your ride.  This last can also be downloaded to your “smartphone”.

Except, apparently, “smartphone” in this case is an iOS device with Android (and Windows) “Coming Soon”.

Really, Rockstar? You spend all this time building this wonderful game, then decide to also release these other products with it … and only do a half arsed job?  Was this a last minute decision?  Or was someone really, really not thinking about release dates?

Love the game, Rockstar, but you really fucked up this decision.

(Android and Me says it quite well here).




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