Samsung Galaxy S And “Recovery Mode”

I’ve found lots of instructions for putting the Samsung Galaxy S into “recovery mode”, something necessary when rooting or adding various fixes to  it.  However, not one works on my Galaxy S.

Most of the instructions mention that the Logo will appear, then disappear briefly.  They usually mention that when it reappears is the time to release one (or all) of the keys you’re holding down.  I’ve managed to do the disappearing/reappearing Logo trick, but beyond that it simply boots as normal.

Since there are many variations on the them of putting the Galaxy S into recovery mode, I’m assuming that various versions of firmware (maybe regional variations) have different methods used.

Whatever the reason, I’m currently irritated, and the Galaxy S is not being rooted this weekend.

Edit: Well the Galaxy S is now rooted.  It appears that you need some file like in the base directory of your system before “Recovery Mode” is available.  I’ll probably go through this at a later date.  Right now, I’m just happy  I succeeded.

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