Sightless Touchscreens

I’ve mentioned before how replacing normal, tactile controls with those on a touchscreen doesn’t work well because the tactile, position context portion is lost.  Matthaeus Krenn is experimenting with the idea of making a touchscreen ‘contextless’.

It’s a sightly different take from the game controls mentioned previously, but it shares the same concept that you can start your ‘gesture’ anywhere on screen, without having to look at where you’re touching.  In this case, however, the number of fingers used for the gesture appears to be the trigger for what the gesture means.  Being without an iDevice I can’t play with it and see if that’s the extent of it, or if that’s just a starting point.

I’d really like to see more people experiment with these ideas, because they seem ideally suited to games and other applications where you”d normally expect physical controls to work.

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