Skyrim: Dragonborn – First Impressions

Dragonborn is the latest DownLoadable Content (DLC) for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Instead of adding new areas to Skyrim itself, you end up on a new island, Solstheim, off the coast of Morrowind.  What leads you there?  Some cultists of some bloke called  Miraak tried to kill you, and you’d like to have a little chat to their boss about it.

Like Dawnguard, Dragonborn is a 1600 point download, and so far is worth every point.  The island is large, with many Barrows, ruins and more.  Along with the Dunmer (who are the majority inhabitants of the island) there are some Nords, a few werewolves and werebears, and some new creatures. The most common of these are the Reiklings, which are small, goblin like creatures.  The best part of these is they sound very much like Ewoks – and you get to kill them.  Dragonborn is worth 1600 points just for that!

The only real issue I have with this DLC is the visual environment.  Solstheim is near the Red Mountain, a still active volcano.  Much of the place is covered in ash, and at times there is a lot of ash blowing around. This makes the visuals quite muted at times.  There are some beautiful sights, but this does make it a bit more dull – which is a pity to my mind.  Still, that hasn’t stopped me enjoying the exploring!

Admittedly, I haven’t done much of the main storyline yet. As I said, and as usual, I’ve been exploring the entire island (finding all the locations) and doing as many sidequests as I can find.  There are continual hints around the island of what’s going on in the main quest, and I’m sure I’ll find out about it later.

However, I’ve already sunk about 50 hours into this DLC, so I have definitely got my points worth!

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