Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Mandatory Content Pack

Things are getting a little strange in the TDU2 world.  We’ve had at least one patch, where I’ve been told the usual “There is an update for this game” on startup.    However, last night I loaded up TDU2 to be told that I couldn’t play online until I’d downloaded a “Mandatory Content Pack”.  Whatever that was.

I clicked through to the Market, where there was indeed a free pack called “Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Mandatory 01.  There was little explanation beyond it being a “Mandatory Content Pack”.  Whatever that is.

Some poking around on various forums revealed two things.  Firstly, that TDU2 is as buggy as you can get, with problems related to online clubs, car handling and, worst of all, save games being corrupted, meaning all the hours you put in being lost.  It sounds like I’ve been lucky as I don’t believe I’ve had any such issues.

The second thing was that people suspect this content package is a patch for some of these things, though official information is thin on the ground.  If it’s true, I’m wondering why they’d release it this way, rather than through the normal update mechanisms?

Oh, and I didn’t notice any difference after I’d installed it; but if I hadn’t been having issues, perhaps that’s expected.

I guess this stays as a small mystery for now.

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