The Galaxy S And "Safe Mode"

Until a few minutes ago I wasn’t even aware that Android (and hence my shiny Galaxy S) had a “safe mode”.  Apparently it does, and my phone was in said mode.  Three things alerted me to this state of affairs:

  1. All my home page widgets were broken.
  2. The majority of my downloaded applications were missing.
  3. The words “SAFE MODE” appeared in small, ambivalent letters in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Some Googling later and I am now aware that this “Safe Mode” is part of the Android Operating System.  Apparently it’s useful if your phone is having “issues”, such as a Force Close loop.  The benefit (in this case – I’m sure there are others) is that no third party applications will run while in Safe Mode.

Androinica has a good article on  How to Activate Android’s Safe Mode to Get out of a Force Close Loop.

I’ll add two things to that article:  Firstly, to get into this mode on the Galaxy S, you supposedly to hold down the Menu button (left hand button at the bottom) until the device has completely finished starting.  I say “supposedly” because frankly, I haven’t managed to get back into Safe Mode again, despite a few tries.

Secondly, to get out of Safe Mode (assuming you managed to get into it, or unexpectedly found yourself in it, as I did) you only need to power off then on again. Some articles mention removing the battery, but I didn’t need to do this.

Once the Galaxy S was back out of Safe Mode I found that I had to delete all my home page widgets and re-add them as they were all still broken.  I didn’t need to re-download anything, as the widgets still existed, it’s just the ones on the home page weren’t happy for some reason.

Only one mystery remains for me: How the heck did I get into Safe Mode in the first place? My phone wasn’t in Safe Mode (as best I remember) when its alarm woke me this morning, but it was when I went to check an SMS about 6 hours later. It certainly wasn’t anything I did deliberately.

I suspect it’s Sufficiently Advanced Technology.

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