The Room Two

When it comes to game releases on the two big ‘Desktop PC’ operating systems, Windows and Mac, the poor Mac users are often left waiting  – perhaps forever – for their own versions.

In the mobile world, the situation is reversed.  iDevices quite often get releases that never make it to Android, or get released days, weeks or months later.  Such is the case with The Room Two.

I really enjoyed The Room and when they began mentioning that The Room Two was going to be released late 2013 I was excited.  When Fireproof Games gave a firm date of 12th December, I began counting the days. Finally, the 12th is now here, and The Room Two has now been released.

For iPad.

Whether I didn’t read carefully enough, so missed the part about only iPad getting The Room Two on the 12th, or whether they neglected to mention that, I’m not sure.  I am somewhat miffed, as I was quite looking forward to more The Room goodness.

Alright, I was really looking forward to it.

Still, apparently Android and Kindle Fire versions are coming out “2014”, whatever that means.

And, perhaps some consolation, that’s when the iPhone version is also due…

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