What’s Wrong With My Keyboard?

It seems every time I nuke and pave (reformat and reinstall the Operating System) or get a new PC, then I have to fight with the keyboard. If I (for example) try to type a single quote, then it won’t appear – at least until I press another key.

This is because in this mode a quote followed by an “o” will yield “ó”. The problem is that I don’t use these international characters often. Being a programmer, however, I do need to use punctuation regularly.

For Windows XP and Vista I’m pretty sure the culprit was the “Language Bar”. In Windows 7 removing the Language Bar didn’t change anything.  After a lot of reading the suspect changed to the keyboard profile I’d loaded.  After a bit of poking around I found the settings in:

Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Change Keyboards  or other input methods -> Change keyboards.

It turns out the keyboard I’d selected was “English (United States – International)”.   After adding “Keyboard (US)” and removing the International version, I could once again type properly!

Not so clear, really.

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