My XBox Won’t Shut Down

A while ago, before my eye issues, I bought a new XBox 360.  This was the newer model with better cooling and HDMI output.  I only got to play with it for a little before life, a broken amplifier, and my eye decided I wasn’t playing games for a while.

The last couple of days I’ve been playing with it again, and last night after a few games of Space Giraffe, I shut it down.  Now, it’s noisy where the XBox is, with the main TV and a couple of loud electric heaters, so I didn’t notice the fans didn’t shut down.

My housemate woke me later, because she noticed the noise after turning off the heaters for the night.  I came back out to find no lights on, the fans working overtime, and the case far too hot for my liking.  Switching the console on, then back off again seemed to fix it.

I’ve found a few forums that mention this with no real fixes.  One person mentioned that a few days after that happened their XBox red-ringed, so maybe I have that to look forward to.

Right now I’m making very sure to check that the XBox really is “off” when I think it is and hoping that perhaps it won’t die on me.

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