Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money, Further Mutterings

Waiting For The Next DLC

One thought I had after continuing with the main Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) was that I’d take time exploring things I’d missed, and levelling my character up to level 35, then wait for the next DownLoadable Content (DLC).  The hints at the end of Dead Money suggest further, even more interesting DLC, which I’m assuming will bump the level cap again.  So for now I’m going to just idle around the main world, ready to play the next DLC with a nice, strong character.


Last time I also forgot to mention a possible bug once Dead Money was finished.

I entered the Dead Money DLC with Veronica and EDE, both of whom were sent to their ‘homes’  (Trading Post 188 and Primm, respectively).  When I returned from Sierra Madre I picked up Veronica again, then went to pick up EDE.

EDE immediately fired on me.  I reloaded an earlier save and tried again, this time picking up EDE first.  EDE still fired on me.  I’ve now reloaded that save again and I’m ignoring EDE, which is a pity because I liked having it around, and its Sensors perk.

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