Scumm VM and the Galaxy S

If you’re a fan of the old SCUMM games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Loom (to name only a very few), then you probably also know about Scumm VM,  You may even know that there’s been an unofficial port for a while.  Well,  it looks like the Android version has now become part of the official build

Depending on your device you may have been able to use that official port, or you may have had issues with the ‘right mouse button’ that some games need.  Initial versions used buttons like the ‘camera’ or ‘search’ button, which is good for many Android phones.  Unfortunately it seems that many phones are going down the ‘less is more’ path, and including minimal buttons.  Of course one of these is the Galaxy S, which has power, volume keys, Home, Menu and Back.

I found a version here that is very configurable and offers a few options for ‘right mouse button’.  The two that work best for me are:

  • Using a second finger on the screen as the right button click
  • Using the ‘back’ button, as it sits in just the right place for me to use.

So far, that’s the version I’m running on my Galaxy S, and I’m happy with the controls.  Every now and again I poke to see if there’s now an official version that supports better controls, but not so far.  If I find one, I will update.  Of course.

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