I like Rime.  Perhaps not as much as I was hoping, but I like it.

Now, what do I want to say about it?

Part of the problem with a game like Rime, or rather, the story in the game, is that saying too much might well spoil it.  So, I’m going to try to avoid spoiling the story, while talking about how the game feels and plays.

I might cover the story another time, but I’m not sure if I have enough to say about it.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Title

I was curious how Bioware would do Mass Effect: Andromeda (MEA), given that (as best I can tell) the Mass Effect relays where destroyed at the end of Mass Effect 3 (ME3) and, I think, most of our crew were dead.  Or changed. Or something.  Really, it was all very confusing.

Suffice it to say that it felt very final … ish. Continue reading

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What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains Of Edith Finch (Remains) is an explorable story by Giant Sparrow.  It’s ‘told’ from a first person perspective as you (initially as the Edith Finch from the title) return to the Finch’s family home, seven years after her Mother moved them away.

Remains is similar to Dear Esther and Gone Home in that walking around triggers bits of the voiceover/story.  However it’s a little closer to Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture in that there are actions you need to take and small puzzles to solve in order to progress.

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With a title like Everything and the ‘hook’ that you’ll play as every Thing,  this game is ambitious.  I also suspect some people will take issue with this being a game at all.

Everything is … about every thing.  Everything is … an exploration of being every Thing.  Everything is … very damned hard to explain.  So, here, I’ll try to explain it1.

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New Nintendo 3DS XL

So, my lovely wife gave me a new Nintendo 3DS XL for my birthday.  I’d been wanting one for a while, but since my old Nintendo 3DS XL was still working there wasn’t much point.

Anyway, long story short, I now have one.

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Nintendo Switch – Initial Thoughts

I made the decision a while back to pick up the upcoming Nintendo NX (As the Switch was called back then) when I heard that the next Zelda game would be on both the Wii U and the NX.  I was considering a Wii U, but I thought I’d wait for the next generation.

So, Friday I got my Switch, and then had to wait until Friday night to even open the box.  Apparently they expect me to work while I’m at work!

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Pod Tracker: Reprise

As much as I’ve (apparently) been one of the lucky ones with my Pod Tracker, I think it’s coming to end of life for me.

I have a second 2.0 version. They shipped me a new one because of build issues in the first one which caused the battery and case to crack.

However, two things are making me reevaluate using the Pod.

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Drake’s Fortune

I’d previously played a bit of Uncharted: Drake’s Deception, and while I had a bit of fun, I had other games I was more interested in at the time.

However, when they brought out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, a remastered collection of the first three Uncharted games (Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception) I thought I’d have another go at them. Continue reading

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Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal (FCP) is the latest in the Far Cry series.  This time, the new country we have to explore is the past: 10,000 BC.

We no longer have guns, our allies are ‘primitive’ cave-people, as are our hominid enemies.  We have mammoths instead of elephants, and the Saber-tooth tiger exists and is as deadly as you’d expect. Continue reading

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Far Cry Primal – Blood of Oros Quest

I’m still working on my general thoughts on Far Cry Primal (FCP), but since I had issues with this particular quest, I thought I’d share what I found.

The part that got me stuck and, from reading forums, got others stuck is near the beginning.

After you get the quest from Wogah, you go to a site surrounded by ancient arches.  You have to look through them to find some evidence of the Blood of Oros.

The first thing to do is to use a lit weapon to burn down the bushes in front of two of them.  Once that’s done, you need to look through the arches.

There are two things important here:

  1. This must be done during the day.
  2. You must be standing.

I normally move while crouching, because of stealth, but you don’t seem to get the option to ‘Examine’ an arch while crouching.

(Also, watch out for Saber-tooth tigers around here.  I kept being killed by two, until I was finally in a position to tame them.)

Once you see a glint in the distance through an arch, your quest marker changes to the new location, and now ‘all’ you have to do is grab the rocks after dealing with some enemies.

So simple, but it took me so many attempts2 before I worked it out!


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