The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Well, That Was Easy

Sometimes there is a benefit to the type of characters I play in these games.  Unless that game is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, that is.

There have been a few  boss-fights in Skyrim that had been built up, raising expectations that the boss was going to be difficult to beat.  This led me to be extra cautious, making sure that I had all my magic weapons charged, that I had enough health potions and so on.  It was therefore somewhat of a relief – and a let down – to take the boss down in a few blows, or even with one arrow.

Most of this, I think, is because I’ve levelled up my various sneak type abilities – meaning that I can often pick enemies off from the shadows before they even realise what’s happening or can retaliate.  Part of it may also be that I have a relatively high-levelled character at this point.  I’ve spent a lot more time exploring that doing actual Quests, leading to me being overlevelled for many quests.

Overall, it’s a strange experience. It becomes even more so when I hit an enemy, or a boss, that is “appropriately levelled”, and is incredibly hard to take down.  The two experiences are are completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Still, it’s this mixture that keeps Skyrim interesting.  Well that and the world, and the story and …

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