The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – You What?

WordPress doesn’t seem to like me today.  This is my fourth attempt at this article.
Ok, we all know that Skyrim can be silly at times.  Even  downright hilarious when it’s not trying to be.  I thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments.  Some of these are deliberate in game humour, so “spoiler warning” ahead.

Skyrim is a beautiful place. Even the 'empty' North.

One guard is gushing over me wiping out the Dark Brotherhood.   A moment later another guard is admonishing me to watch my step.

A dragon is attacking Rorikstead, so I Shout it down.  As I finish off the dragon a guard wanders over to ask me to stop that shouting, as it’s making people nervous.  I agree, as I’m done Shouting.  Then I absorb the dragon soul, and the guard is suddenly awestruck, mumbling something about “just like in the legends.”

The first person you “meet” within White River Watch is Ulfr the Blind.  In front of him is “Ulfr’s Book”.  The pages are blank.

Skyrim follows the Dungeons & Dragons guide to Dungeon stacking.  While wandering through a Dwemer ruin – infested by Falmer as usual – I come across a Master locked door.  Upon picking it I find a small room with a single chest in the middle.  A Falmer chest …

 Lydia, my follower, is following me into Calcelmo’s Laboratory.  She apparently gets cold feet as the only thing she says when I try to talk to her is “you shouldn’t be here.”  I leave her outside.

I find a lost shipment for Arleif And Sons Trading Company, the recovery of which will hopefully keep them in business.  The item I retrieve is worth 100 Gold.  When I return it, they give me 1500 Gold as a reward.  I think I can see why they’re in trouble.

Of course, with a game as large as this, there have been, and will be, many more.  It’s just another thing to love about it.

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